Master a holistic approach to life that integrates mental health, emotional well-being, and body awareness for a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Working with me means you'll access:

Mental fortitude
Enhanced clarity
Emotional resilience
Boosted vitality
Uncovering your purpose


Most of us aren’t taught how to navigate our own mental and emotional landscapes. This leads us to seek a quick fix, to rely on external experts for answers to our mental health issues and emotional turbulence, or to somehow endure the struggle..

All of this doesn’t work. The truth is, no one will ever understand your inner world as well as you do.

I’ve battled with many, many monsters for over 35 years, but I found a way out; I healed completely and utterly from my monsters.

Yes, I’ve been supported by countless people in countless ways to get to where I am, but because I knew how to listen to my mind, my body, and my soul, I followed the breadcrumbs to complete liberation of what a young, vulnerable 6-year old Jeremy had experienced so early in life.

Because I developed the ability of an open heart, a clear mind, and a welcome body, I could witness with such clarity what all my inner parts were in need of. It was then simply a matter of nourishing these parts to complete satisfaction and integration to be able to move forward.

With that comes tremendous freedom and the ability to step into a life that is magical.

It’s time that you reclaim your innate ability to find your own answers, too. It’s not just empowering – it's the key to living a truly meaningful and fulfilling life. Let me help you navigate your own mental and emotional landscapes to materialize a deeply satisfying life.

It’s worth it.


What I Offer


Living Life by Design

Discover your dream life by tapping deep into your creative mind. Then, I’ll take you through a practical framework I’ve developed to build an actionable plan on how to achieve it. Are you ready to evolve into the person capable of turning dreams into reality?

What you’ll get:

  • Access to our workshop: living life by design

  • Hand-out material for during the workshop

  • Access to additional How-To videos

  • Downloadable PDFs to continue your journey towards your dream life

  • Exclusive access to the community that meets regularly to update our dreamjourney!

Life’s True Course
Our flagship program

Our 3-month program focuses on the fundamentals to living a meaningful and fulfilling life by mastering mental health, emotional well-being, and body awareness.

We kick-off with the workshop: “Living Life by Design: how to materialize your dreams”, then meet 1:1 throughout the program to work towards personal challenges you’re facing in life. I’ve developed a masterclass containing some very important teachings to ensure you stay the path and deepen your level of awareness and capability with the different domains we’re working on. After the program you’re well-equipped to continue your journey!

  • Living Life by Design workshops

  • Private coaching calls

  • Masterclass

  • Transformational group sessions

  • Accountability system + Community


Success Stories


This was life changing. Not only did we set goals for my life and business but I was also able connect to my heart. It helped me realise how our strength always comes from within. It made me believe in myself and I backed myself to accomplish these goals. We created some short term personal goals as well as financial goals which I accomplished within 6 months. Starting this process has made me realise my limitless potential and that it is possible to manifest dreams into reality.

Thank you Jeremy!


The program was a "back to the roots" for me; accept what you can't change, work with the goal in mind, and to stay healthy you must take rest. This might be obvious but "Walking the path is not the same as knowing the path".

Through those insights I am now walking further into the future. Thanks Jeremy!


Thank you for the sessions Jeremy. It was extremely helpful and motivating to see a situation that I previously thought complex put in a different and structural way through the action plan we put together.

How to join:

1.        Book a call

2.        Join the program

3.        Live a meaningful and fulfilling life


Want to determine if this is for you?

When you book a call, you’ll also receive an email about what I call a ‘LifeScore’. It’s a free assessment tool that I developed to gauge your current Quality of Life.

Bring it with you to our call so we can go over your current life, where you’d like to take it, and what challenges you are currently facing.

Then you can decide if you’d like to join the program..


About me

Despite the shadows of a challenging childhood, I triumphed over adversity, fulfilling dreams once believed unreachable. Throughout my journey, not only did I overcome severe trauma, mental health isues, physical illness, and extreme emotional turbulence, but I discovered a great measure of inner peace that can only be described as pure love.

Now, it’s become my path to share the wisdom that I gained and to give back. I want everyone to know that you are not alone.

You are not alone in facing your monsters, in navigating personal challenges, in struggling to cope with unexpected drastic life changes, and whatever else life sometimes throws at us!

As I’ve gone and did my own inner work, I can help you navigate yours. To help you succeed in what you want out of life, and to help you connect to your own inner teacher.

We're all worth living life to the fullest extent possible through love for ourselves and others. Let’s walk this journey together; it's better shared!!

With an open heart 


“After liberating myself from my shadows I uncovered a pathway to personal liberation rooted in deep inner connection.”