In our journey through life, it's easy to lose sight of where we truly are and where we wish to be. Our dreams, desires, and aspirations can sometimes get muddled with the everyday hustle, leaving us feeling adrift.


The Life Score test

The Life Score is designed to provide a clear snapshot, illuminating areas in your life that might be out of sync. By understanding these areas, you unlock the power to realign with your truest path, crafting a life brimming with meaning and fulfilment.


Find out where you stand in the categories of life

Leisure & fun

Leisure & Fun illuminates the playful rhythms of our soul, emphasizing the importance of balance, adventure, and cherished memories

Nature & Nurture

Nature & Nurture encapsulates the holistic approach to self-care, uniting the rejuvenating embrace of nature with one's body.


Community isn't just about where we live, but how we relate, contribute, and thrive within that space and It represents our bond with others.

Financial Wealth

Wealth, in its essence, is energy – a medium to transform dreams into reality and aspirations into achievements.


Relationships are the bridges we build, connecting souls, sharing stories, and magnifying life's moments.

Business & Career

Business & Career are the stages where we bring our talents, ambitions, and values to life, carving out our unique imprint in the professional world.

Learning & Growth

Learning & Growth allows us to find the keys to unlock our potential, embracing new perspectives and nurturing our innate capabilities.


Home is more than just a place; it's a sanctuary of memories, comfort, and belonging, where our stories unfold and hearts find solace.

This test will give you an understanding of where you stand in life in terms of quality of life, meaning, and fulfillment. As a starting point, this assessment allows you to plan the road ahead to realize your dream life.


Life Score

The Wheel of Life is a tool that can be used as a personal roadmap to understanding and enhancing the quality of your life. Each category represents an essential part of your life, and you’ll experience living a meaningful and fulfilling life if you’re scoring 9s and 10s across the board.

Remember: it's not just about where you are today or where you’re going, it’s about who you become on that journey!

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